How It Works

  • Step #1 - Apply and wait to hear from Teddie at Relentless Coaching.
  • Step #2 - You will receive an email to complete a detailed assessment. This will help determine if we will make a good fit for your goals.  
  • Step #3 - Approved clients will receive payment and online account set-up information via email.  
  • Step #4 - Schedule assessment follow-up meeting.
  • Step #5 - Set weekly goals
  • Step #6 - Achieve weekly goals until happy with results!


Nutrition Program Info & Pricing

**Disclaimer: Relentless-Coaching is not a medical doctor, psychologist, nor a registered dietitian. His/her coaching services does not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders. If Relentless-Coaching suspects the need for higher care, then you will be advised to seek medical attention by a licensed professional immediately. **

Personal Training Info & Pricing

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Create Healthy Habits Not Restrictions.

If you're ready for a change and are fully committed to making a healthier and happier version of yourself, contact me by applying now! 

Angels Camp, Murphys & Surrounding Areas

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